ENERGY 14.000€


Disposal of old heating bodies in all rooms and bathrooms
Disconnection of electrical (sockets & switches) in all areas
Dismantling of old exterior frames (doors & windows)
Place debris in a special bin and collect it


Mounting Panel Heaters with Heavy Duty Switches
Place a towel-maker body in the bathroom with a heavy-duty switch


Complete control of home electrical installation
Installation of new LEGRAND sockets and switches in all areas


Replacing all exterior doors and windows with aluminum EUROPA window frames
Double glazing 0,5mm – 0,5mm
Sliding or opening sheets EUROPA
Shutters made of aluminum sheets
Bathroom window sliding or opening with tilt and EUROPA mesh


Spillage & repair of demolitions
Grinding & coating with VIVECHROM ecological primer
Coating with VIVECHROM ecological paints
Choice of colors