SUPERIOR 23.000€


  • Disposing of old kitchen (cupboards & bench tiles)
  • Disconnection of electric kitchens (sockets & switches)
  • Old bathroom dismantling (tiles, sanitary ware, water supply, drainage)
  • Disposal of old bedroom wardrobes
  • Disposal of old interior doors & main entrance
  • Disposal of old heating bodies
  • Disconnection of electrical (sockets & switches) in all indoor and outdoor areas
  • Disposing of an old electrical panel
  • Dismantling of old exterior frames (doors & windows)
  • Place debris in a special bin and collect it


  • Design & 3D photorealistic display of your new kitchen
  • Particleboard cabinets of 16 mm thickness and up to 6 meters
  • Particle board EGGER (Austrian construction) with PVC perimeter
  • You can choose from a wide range of colors in the doors
  • Ability to choose from a wide range of 4 cm thick ecological ovens
  • Metal drawers
  • BLUM hinged hinges (Austrian made)
  • Inox handles 20cm (bar)
  • Dishwasher, sheath, waste bin
  • Aluminum jar 10 cm
  • Tiles for the back of the kitchen counter (of Italian or Spanish origin)
  • Built-in suction hood
  • Stainless steel sink with double trough and overflow
  • Battery sink


  • Design & 3D photorealistic display of your new bathroom
  • Replacement of sewage system with ELOT / FASOPLAST pipes
  • Replacement of heavy duty corner switches as well as VALSIR siphon
  • Replacing the hydraulic system (cold and hot water)
  • Bathroom tiles (Italian or Spanish origin) & choice from a wide range
  • Bathroom cabinet 50-90cm unhealthy with washbasin
  • Furniture mirror with lighting
  • Shower / built-in shower (in a fully customized dimension)
  • Cabin made of 4mm thick chromed aluminum profile and acrylic bathtub
  • Hydromassage column
  • Low pressure bowl with full flow mechanism and Soft Close cover of Bakelite
  • GROHE / IDEAL STANDARD or equivalent quality batteries
  • Complete set of bathroom accessories


  • Floor covering of all indoor areas with tiles or laminate flooring 7 mm thick
  • Tile selection & laminate through a wide range of designs & colors


  • Design & 3D photorealistic display of your new wardrobe.
  • Two wardrobes and up to 9sqm facade
  • Particleboard 16mm thick
  • Shelves 16mm thick for greater weight resistance
  • Hinges of EASYLINE Italy
  • Double drawers outside
  • Opening wardrobe panels
  • EGGER Austrian particleboard doors with PVC perimeter
  • Choice of single or separate door in height
  • Base for hanging clothes upper & lower part
  • Ability to choose from a wide range of colors


  • Two press doors of Greek construction
  • Color choice
  • Flat or oval frame made of plywood
  • Cushioned ledges
  • Soundproofing ring around the door
  • Handle and lock inox
  • Double hinges adjustable


  • Mounting Panel Heaters with Heavy Duty Switches
  • Place a towel-maker body in the bathroom with a heavy-duty switch


  • Complete control of home electrical installation
  • Replacing an electrical panel with a new ABB or HAGER recessed panel
  • Install new ABB or HAGER fuses
  • Installation of ABB or HAGER brand safety relay
  • Design & installation of new bathroom and kitchen facilities
  • Installation of new LEGRAND sockets and switches in all areas
  • Installation & connection of the customer’s electrical appliances


  • Replacing all exterior doors and windows with aluminum EUROPA window frames
  • Double glazing 0,5mm – 0,5mm
  • Sliding or opening sheets EUROPA
  • Shutters made of aluminum sheets
  • Bathroom window sliding or opening with tilt and EUROPA mes

safety door

  • Double galvanized steel sheet security door
  • Closed-type enclosure electrostatically painted RAL 9005 with specially shaped profile for anti-burglary protection.
  • Heavy-duty hinges, silent & adjustable
  • CISA safe lock with 5 keys and 1 passepartout key
  • Controlled opening mechanism
  • Windshield adjustable
  • Soundproofing & anti-glare rim of the door
  • Panoramic 180 °
  • Blocking system in case of burglary
  • 16 locking points


  • PARADOX SPECTRA Wired Alarm System or similar quality installation
  • 32 zone LCD keypad with LCD display
  • Stand-alone outdoor magnetodynamic siren 125db / 1m with flash
  • Internal siren PIEZZO wall-mounted 12V DC
  • Analogue PARADOX PRO detectors
  • Magnetic contacts W (GAP) 1.41cm min. in doors, windows & main door


  • Spillage & repair of demolitions
  • Grinding & coating with VIVECHROM ecological primer
  • Coating with VIVECHROM ecological paints
  • Choice of colors