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TECHNODOMI is a team of experienced construction professionals focusing on the effective management of all different aspects of a project in order to ensure excellent results within the budget and the time schedule agreed with the customer.

Our company was established in 1995. Our main goal was to construct or to even build and complete prefabricated maisonettes in the city region of Thessaloniki.Now in 2018  we can proudly accuse that TEXNOdomi has the experience to offer complete , economic and practical solutions around home & space constructing and renovating ! From year 2000 and then, we started  to invest on home renovating with plenty of successful renovations and even more happy clients.Our main norm remains on choosing to focus  on providing top class services and that is one of the main reason we keep on expanding and growing in members and project implementations.In addition to our best – quality products  and services  we have specialized technician for each kind of  work that needs to be accomplished on your new home or your fresh new home spaces . Feel safe, we are here to offer you a new home, a new routine, a new life.

Just a call in more than enough to arrange an appointment with our visor, get known better, and we will immediately estimate your space’s needs and the total cost of the project .

With honour

Stavros Siamos

24/7 Available

Our team is always on your service. Feel free to call us anytime and let us handle your request within minutes .We can visit the place you need us to renovate, this way we can provide you a more accurate financial offer , personalized on your needs .


Our team consists of interior designers, engineers, and technicians for every kind of work.All together we cooperate to provide you the best possible result .

Reasonable prices

We can assure you that the cost of our services is quite reasonable and we love to keep our promises and match your expectations, this way you won’t have to be worried for further costs due to delays or wrong assessments .

honesty & transparency

All of our projects and products are presented to the customer before and after the project implementation . This is how we prove you that honesty and transparency is a real friend of ours .

Holistic Managements from A to Z

holistic project management.

Τhe appliance of innovating products and modern contexts is our promise to all our clients. We use tested methods in every single projects , so that we minimize the chance of deviating from our starting plan an then, to make sure we will offer you  full satisfaction that match your expectations. We love to make you feel proud about your new home, we would love to help us make even more people feel to .

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Frequently asked questions.

You communicate with our Company and after appointment we make a visit to your place. After discussing your needs, you will receive a written offer detailing the work to be done and their cost. In the event of an agreement and assignment of the work to our Company, an agreement is drawn up detailing the work to be carried out, the costs of each work, the materials selected, the timetable of the works and, finally, the method of payment of the project.

We are years in the renovation market with many and pleased customers.
All of our projects have a complete economic and technical study.
We have clear charges.
We credit our client before and after the project.
We oversee the work in full as well as the final completion.
We inform the client daily about the progress of the project with details
We work with certified companies of all the materials we use.
We regularly participate in technical seminars in Greece and abroad.
We have our own research and material management system.
We make floor plans and 3D designs for our clients.

By signing the contract 30% deposit and the balance in installments with the progress of work. Repayment with the delivery of the project. The form of payment is clearly outlined in our agreement.

The written warranty of good functioning, starting from the date of delivery of the project, has a duration of one year and refers to a separate article of our agreement. It concerns works such as bricks, plasters, tiles and floors, insulation, all hydraulic and all electrical. It does not concern electrical appliances (eg: electric cooker, washing machines, cooker hoods, electric heaters, etc.), faulty products (sinks, baths and sinks, electric or solar water heaters etc), damage caused by defective products and damage during use.

Every renovation is special and can not be determined until our engineer visits your site and presents you a schedule of work!

Our company offers  a comprehensive offer that lists all the work need to be done and the exact cost of it.

The Company enables the customer to get rid of the process of finding craftsmen and supervising workers during work. You only communicate with the supervisor of the project.

The price quoted in the written offer that we will provide will not change. However, if you want to add a job, it’s costs will be taken into account in the overall total cost of the work. In this case, we are writing an additional offer detailing the additional tasks you wish to make, the cost of these tasks and the new balance that will be created.

Our company is flanked by an experienced team of civil engineers and architects. So any change you make to your place is done with security and responsibility.

Of course, we undertake different kind of projects, 200km perimetric of Thessaloniki’s area .

Prefabricated home.

  • Lower price up to 50%
  • conventional dwellings
  • Faster construction time
  • Greater durability
  • Greater anti-seismic protection
  • Better thermal insulation and sound insulation
  • They can be expanded to your future needs
  • Flexibility in design Freedom of choice of heating type

Why us?.

  • Because we use innovative building methods
  • Because we are committed to quality
  • Because we take care of the detail
  • Because we use natural, environmentally friendly materials
  • Because we provide design flexibility
  • Because we respectfully respect the delivery schedule
  • Because our constructions meet the toughest conditions
  • Because we are next to you after completing your residence
  • Because we have the lowest prices you will find!